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How do I get to Zen from here? Anyone?

Do you know people who seem to be calm all the time? They seem to know exactly what to say and they never lose their cool. I would love to say that I am one of those people and I will help you become that person. But the truth is, I’m not. I was tempted to write that in capital letters because I am truly not. I lose full days. I have my plans for the days and suddenly it’s 5 pm and only half is done. I create schedules for the week, which include time for myself to relax, but oops I get a call from a relative or a client in crisis and BAM! It’s the weekend and I’m still working to catch up.

As I write this blog, we are just beginning the month of March and I think I have finally realized what my resolution is for 2017. I will find my way to that Zen state. And as a bonus, I will write about my journey here so that you can join me along the way. I also invite your comments, suggestions and your stories.

A Wellness Inventory

I have recently created what is called a Wellness Inventory, which starts with a survey that takes about half an hour to complete (click here to find out more). From there, a profile is created for you and this profile can be used as a tool to track and guide you through a “wellness” journey. I will likely refer to this often – that is if I can manage to find the time to use it.

Baby Steps

I was asked to create a goal. Well truth be told I was asked to create several goals, but I figured I’d better start with one and I was right! My first goal was to find at least 20 minutes a day to stop and practice some deep breathing exercises. It turns out – I get bored. I took about five breathes and starting to think about anything but breathing. I realized something, in order for the deep breathing to stick I needed to keep my brain busy. Instead of just breathing, I started to breathe and doodle. I created simple little doodles that made no sense. I tricked my brain by keeping my hands busy, while I concentrated on my breathing.

Week 1

Here’s a recap of week one. I’ve managed to practice the doodle breathes a total of twice this week. But I also found some time to walk and breathe, so I figure that counts too. That gives me 3 days out of 7 that I practiced concentrated breathing. This is not a math blog, but I’d say that’s a rough start. The good news is that the deep breathing really did help. So how do I do this more often? (Feel free to answer this…please…no really please)

Week 2

So going into week two. Should I create a second goal and try to accomplish both? Nope.

I think it’s best to stick to my first goal, and attempt to add more days of deep breathing. If I can say I’ve found a way to concentrate on my breathing for 4 out of 7 days, this will be a success. In the meantime, I will note how I was able to adjust my time. For instance, I find myself practicing my deep breathing as I write this.

I’ll keep you posted on my successes and how I’ve accomplished them. I would love to share your comments and suggestions as well.

Here are a few articles I found that m

ight help.

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